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It is one of the country’s leading food retailers and aims to combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop. They have built their reputation, above all, on the quality and freshness of their food and also offers a Price Commitment to ensure good value for money when shopping. Their prices on branded grocery products are now identical to Tesco’s (excluding promotions) and continues to give you more than 1000 products on offer and, when you shop online, you get free delivery on all online grocery orders of £60 or more.

Buyers Guide for Grocery Supermarket

It is a British supermarket chain that is the food trade division of Britain’s largest merchant, the John Lewis Partnership. Here is a buying guide that can help you when shopping for groceries at Waitrose supermarket.

Shopping at the Grocery Supermarket Waitrose


Every week you push your trolley through the local supermarket, reaching for the same items you purchase every week. However, you need to pause and ask yourself this question; Are the foods I regularly buy at the supermarket as healthy as I think? Here is what you should buy whenever you go shopping at Waitrose:

Low-calorie cereals- It has several brands of cereals that have less than 150 calories per cup. You can shop for these particular cereals if you are eating healthy.

At the fish and seafood section- choose made in U.K items (you can do this by checking for the country of origin on the tag). It owns some of the leading regulated fisheries in the world, meaning healthier, and safer seafood for you. The dietary recommendation suggests swapping poultry and meat for seafood at least twice a week so as to gain lesser amounts of saturated fat and gain more of the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to bolster brain development as well as keeping the heart healthy.

At the meat and poultry counter- choose lean meats and poultry. This kind of meat contains lesser amounts of saturated fat and fewer calories. Eating lean cuts (and cutting off the visible fat) can also reduce your exposure to synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and pesticide residue since these synthetic hormones are usually accumulated in animal fat.

Shop for grass-fed beef- grass fed beef means that the cow ate hay and grass throughout its life. This kind of meat usually has higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Though it has fewer levels of omega-3s than seafood, it can be helpful to children who do not eat plenty of fish or take an omega-3 supplement.

Shop for poultry and meat with no antibiotics added- antibiotics are usually given to animals to prevent certain illness. This medication might create drug resistant super bugs that are in turn passed to humans.

Waitrose voucher codes

Get a Waitrose voucher code or cashback deal- When it comes to earning cash back rewards, while shopping for quality foods, a Waitrose voucher deal or cash back will help. Bringing you fresh, and quality food is the principle that drives this store. You will find great value for the products at this store along with fantastic service. With them, your order will always be picked, packed and delivered.

Five rules of healthy food shopping

  • Buy more of organic products
  • Do not worry if organic produce is not on your budget as the health benefits of consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits is still as healthy as consuming more organic products.
  • Make sure you choose fish and seafood from the U. K. as they usually less filled with pollutants.
  • Select low-fat meats and dairy products because they are healthier.
  • When shopping for pasta and bread, ensure the first ingredient has the word whole.

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